Sunday, June 29, 2008

ACURIL Executive Council Members 2008-2009

On Friday, June 6, 2008, at the Closing Ceremony, ACURIL's Executive Council members for 2008-2008 were presented as follows:

Mme. BEA BAZILE, Guadaloupean documentalist of the Bibliotheque Departamentale de Pret, installed as President of ACURIL, will be responsible for ACURIL's strategic direction 2008-2009, and for the organization of the Annual Conference XXXIX, to be held in Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe. The 39th Conference theme is: Le devenir des bibliotheques dans le cadre du developpement durable. Her e-mails are:;;

Prof. CARMEN SANTOS-CORRADA, Director of Special Collections at the Conrado Asenjo Library, University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus, was installed as Vice-President/President Elect. As part of her responsibilities, she will coordinate the work of Permanent Committes, Special Interest Groups and Content Area Groups. Her e-mails are:;;

As of July 1, 2008, Dr. LUISA VIGO-CEPEDA serves as ACURIL's New Executive Secretary. Being related to ACURIL since 1968 and as founding member; Chair of the Publications and Public Relations Committee, and Past President of ACURIL in 2002-2003, Dr. Vigo-Cepeda will be instrumental in ACURIL's dynamic renewal and restructure process. Dr. Vigo-Cepeda is professor at the Graduate School of Information Sciences and Technologies of the University of Puerto Rico. Her e-mails are: ;

Other ACURIL's Executive Council Members are:

Prof. ILEANA ROSA-SSOTOMAYOR, Treasurer, ACURIL Headquarters/Cataloguer, University of Puerto Rico Library System. E-mails: ;

Mrs. ADELE MERRITT BERNARD, Immediate Past President (JAMAICA). Records Manager, City of Kingston Cooperative Credit Union Ltd. E-mails: ;

Mr. ELEUTERIO FERREIRA-CALDERON, Institutional Representative (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC), Director de la Biblioteca, Universidad Católica Tecnológica del Cibao. E-mails: ;

Prof. ARDIS HANSON, Institutional Representative (FLORIDA, USA). Director, The Louis de la Parte Library, Florida Mental Health Institute, University of South Florida. E-mails: ;

Dr. ELIZABETH PIERRE-LOUIS, Institutional Representative (HAITI). Library Systems Director, Fokal Osi Foundation. E-mails: ;

Prof. JUDITH ROGERS, Institutional Representatitve (U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS). University Library, University of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix Campus. E-mails: ;

Mrs. MARGOT THOMAS, Institutional Representative (ST. LUCIA). Archivists, National Archives Authority of St. Lucia. E-mails: ;

Mrs. DORCAS BOWLER, Association Representative (BAHAMAS). Bahamas Library Association. E-mails: ;

Mrs. MARIA DE LOS ANGELES LUGO, Association Representative (PUERTO RICO). Sociedad de Bibliotecarios de Puerto Rico. E-mails: ;

Mlle. DANIELE DARIEN. Association Representative. Association des Amis de la Bibliotheque de Pret de la Guadeloupe. E-mails: ;

Mr. RONY ALDERS, Personal Representative. Aruba National Library. E-mails: ;

GUESTS in Council

Prof. PEDRO PADILLA-ROSA, Past President 2006-2007, Representing Past Presidents. Law Library, University of Puerto Rico. E-mails: ;

Mlle. DANIELLE RENIER DEGLAS, Coordinator, ACURIL XXXIX Local Organizing Committee/Associatin des Amis de la BDP Guadeloupe. E-mails:


Monday, June 23, 2008


Four students at the University of Puerto Rico Graduate School of Information Sciences and Technologies: Yumarys Polanco-Almonte (Dominican Republic), Cindy Jiménez-Vera (Puerto Rico), Arelys Fernández-Troche (Puerto Rico) and Yadira Avendaño-Avendaño (Mexico), contributed significantly at this conference. Particularly, the members of the ACURIL’s Dream Web Team, presented a three-sessions workshop on Podcasts to participants at the conference. Participants were avid to learn and share. The experience took place in rooms with computers and the event waas very well attended. Lots of of enthusiasm reigned!

In addition, the Team joined the effort of ACURIL's project CARIBBEANA and conducted 10 interviews of selected information professionals, under the coordination of Dr. Luisa Vigo-Cepeda. Podcasts can be found in ACURILNET's section

Being a part of ACURIL’s CARIBBEANA Project, interviews will continue dealing with a variety of topics, technological strategies, conducted by different students and colleagues in the Caribbean.

Professionals interviewed at this time are:

Oneida R. Ortiz, ACURIL Executive Secretary 1971-2008, interviewed by Yadira Avendaño-Avendaño.

Stephney Ferguson (Jamaica), Past Library Director of the University of the West Indies, Jamaica; and one of ACURIL’s Past President, interviewed by Cindy Jiménez-Vera.

Adele Merritt Bernard (Trinidad), ACURIL President 2007-2008; Records Administrator of the City of Kinston Cooperative Credit Union Ltd., in Jamaica, interviewed by Cindy Jiménez-Vera.

Lucero Arboleda de Roa (Dominican Republic), Library Director, Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo; and one of ACURIL’s Past President, interviewed by Yumarys Polanco-Almonte.

Barry Baker (Florida, USA), Director of the University of Central Florida Libraries; and ACURIL Finance Committee Chairperson, interviewed by Cindy Jiménez-Vera.

Marisol Florén-Romero (Florida, USA) College of Law Library, Florida international University; and ACURIL Law Content Area Group Chairperson, interviewed by Arelys Fernández-Troche.

Jerome Agboyi (Bahamas) of the Lillian G. Weir-Coakley Public Library, interviewed by Cindy Jiménez-Vera.

Dulce María Núñez de Taveras (República Dominicana), Library Systems Director, of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra; and a Past Executive Council member, interviewed by Yadira Avendaño-Avendaño.

Almaluces Figueroa-Ortiz (Puerto Rico), Director of the Caribbean Regional Library and Latin American Studies, University of Puerto Rico Library System; and a Past Executive Council member, interviewed by Yadira Avendaño-Avendaño; and,

Ardis Hanson (Florida, USA), Director of The Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute Research Library, University of South Florida; and Institutional Executive Council Member, interviewed by Cindy Jiménez-Vera.

The students, members of the ACURIL Dream Web Team, were distinguished on Friday, June 6, 2008, at the ACURILEANA Evening of Awards with the Young ACURILEANS Stars Award instituted at this Conference. We commend these students for their commitment and dedication towards ACURIL.

Luisa Vigo-Cepeda

Friday, June 20, 2008

UNESCO calls on enhancing access to governmental public domain information

Abdul Waheed Khan
UNESCO 20-06-2008 (Seoul)

Countries should “recognize and enact the right of universalonline access to public and government-held records,” said Abdul Waheed Khan, UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information. Mr Khan urged action at the Civil Society Forum organized in conjunction with the OECD Ministerial Meeting on the “Future of the Internet Economy” in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on 17 and 18 June 2008.

Speaking at a Roundtable on “Fueling creativity, access to knowledge and the public domain”, Mr Khan said that governments should identify and promote repositories of information and knowledge in the public domain and make them available to all. He stressed that the role and value of public domain information, especially of information produced by the public sector, is not widely enough addressed and is generally poorly understood.

In 2003, the General Conference of UNESCO adopted the Recommendation concerning the Promotion and Use of Multilingualism and Universal Access to Cyberspace recognizing the importance of promoting multilingualism and equitable access to information and knowledge, especially in the public domain.

The Recommendation proposes measures fostering universal access to digital resources and services, and facilitating the preservation of their cultural and language diversity.

UNESCO also published Policy guidelines for the development and promotion of governmental public domain information, with particular attention to such information in digital form.

UNESCO’s action in this area is an important international instrument promoting public access to information and is a contribution to implementing the Geneva Plan of Action adopted by the World Summit on the Information Society in 2003.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Developing Information Literacy Skills Programmes-ACURIL XXXVIII Jamaica Pre-Conference

As a satellite activity of the 2008 Annual Conference of the Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL XXXVIII JAMAICA), UNESCO, in collaboration with the University of the West Indies Department of Library and Information Studies and the University Mona Library, organized a 3 days workshop (30 May - 1 June; Montego Bay, Jamaica) aimed at introducing various professional groups to techniques for developing information literacy skills and programmes.

This workshop was a regional component of the UNESCO Training-the-Trainers in Information Literacy workshop series, which incorporates twelve geographic regions. The workshop series has as an overall goal “to train a cadre of promising and qualified information literacy trainers in each of the major geographic regions so that they, in turn, can educate other trainers in their respective regions and also begin educating directly the various ultimate beneficiary groups.”

There were 26 participants - library professionals from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and USA. They represented public library networks, teachers colleges, university libraries, special libraries and other institutions such as the Jamaican Ministry of Education and the Office of the Utility Regulation. The participants received training on topics including an introduction to the concepts of information literacy, conceptualising information needs, evaluation of information sources and experiences in the development of information literacy programmes.

A key output of the workshop was the action plan developed by 10 working groups to implement information literacy programmes in their organizations. Prizes for the best presentation were awarded to Jessica Lewis (Jamaica), Gemma Creighton-Lashley (Trinidad and Tobago) and Erica Davis (Jamaica).

This workshop is expected to result in the development of information literacy programmes in the participating institutions and the establishment of information literacy clubs in these institutions.

From UNESCO 16.06.2008

Friday, June 6, 2008


e-Librarian: Ideas, Innovation and Inspiration

(Upstairs and Downstairs)


8:00AM – 12 NOON
External Lobby Registration

9:00AM – 10:30AM
Rose Hall Ballroom

Chair: Adele Merritt Bernard, ACURIL President


1. Welcome and Opening Remarks
2. Reports of Standing Committees

2.1 Constitution and By-Laws
2.2 Publications and Public Relations
2.3 Finance
2.4 Membership
2.5 Continuing Education

3. Reports of Special Interest Groups

3.1 Academic Libraries
3.2 Archives and Records Management
3.3 Information Technology
3.4 National and Public Libraries
3.5 Research in the Information Field
3.6 School Libraries
3.7 Special Libraries
3.8 Students Roundtable

4. Reports of the Content Area Groups

4.1 Agriculture and Environment
4.2 Book Trade
4.3 Education and Social Sciences
4.4 Health, Medicine and Natural Science
4.5 Knowledge Management

4.6 Law

5. Report of Elections by Scrutiny Committee
6. Resolutions
7. Any Other Business

COFFEE BREAK 10:30AM – 11:00AM

11:00AM – 12:30PM
Rose Hall Ballroom

Preserving the national audiovisual heritage: AVIN, AVIDA and the Bennett/Coverley Collection of the National Library of Jamaica, Frances Salmon, UWI, Mona, Jamaica and Maureen Webster-Prince, National Library of Jamaica, Jamaica

MODERATOR: Valerie Francis (Jamaica)
RAPPORTEUR: Karen Lequay (Barbados)

Falmouth Room

Workshop: Web 2.0 Cliff Landis, Valdosta State University, USA

MODERATOR: Jane Smith (Surinam)
RAPPORTEUR: Angelique Alleyne (Jamaica)

Trelawny Room
CDS ISIS Workshop, PART IV Guilda Asencio, Consultant, Venezuela

MODERATOR: To be selected from participants on the floor.
RAPPORTEUR: To be selected from participants on the floor.

Port Antonio Room
Workshop: Developing a copyright policy for your library, Jacqueline Lynch Stewart, Bob Marley Foundation

MODERATOR: Pedro Padilla-Rosa (Puerto Rico)
RAPPORTEUR: Yulande Lindsay (Jamaica)

Cornwall/Mount Zion Rooms
Records Management within the E-Government Environment in Jamaican Organizations, Special Libraries Section, Library and Information Association of Jamaica, Claudette Thomas, Presenter

MODERATOR: Joanne Georges (Trinidad)
RAPPORTEUR: Matthew Blake (Jamaica)

LUNCH BREAK 12:30PM – 2:00PM

2:00PM – 3:30PM
Rose Hall Ballroom

Examining Patron Behaviour: Maximising the Use of Electronic Resources at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus, Myrna Douglas and Maureen Kerr Campbell, UWI, Mona, Jamaica

MODERATOR: David Drydale (Jamaica)
RAPPORTEUR: Kumaree Ramtahal (Trinidad and Tobago)

Cornwall/Mount Zion Rooms
The Use of new communication technologies as tools to develop a model that will increase awareness of information literacy skills in a public library, Juan A. López-Cortés, Citrus Ridge County Library, Florida, USA

MODERATOR: Rosella McCarthy Spencer (Jamaica)
RAPPORTEUR: Audrey Saddler (Jamaica)

Trelawny Room
CDS ISIS Workshop. Part V, Guilda Asencio, Consultant, Venezuela

MODERATOR: To be selected from participants on the floor.
RAPPORTEUR: To be selected from participants on the floor.
* Note – Workshop will end at 4:00PM

Port Antonio Room
Putting the e in Oral History: Creating and Accessing Oral Histories at the University of South Florida Libraries, Mark I. Greenberg and Richard R. Bernardy Jr., University of South Florida Libraries, Florida, USA (Paper and Workshop)

MODERATOR: Nicole Coke (Jamaica)
RAPPORTEUR: Lorraine Nero (Trinidad and Tobago)

Falmouth Room
Workshop: Organization and Retrieval of Information, Kisha Sawyers, Caribbean Child Development Centre, University of the West Indies, Mona

MODERATOR: Jane Smith (Suriname)
RAPPORTEUR: To be selected from participants on the floor.

7:30PM – 11:30PM

Rose Hall Ballroom
Closing Ceremony and ACURILEAN Evening of Awards Banquet

Thursday, June 5, 2008


e-Librarian: Ideas, Innovation & Inspiration

(Upstairs and Downstairs)

8:00AM – 12 NOON External Lobby Registration

9:00AM – 4:00PM

Falmouth Room
IFLA/FAIFE Workshop. Loida Garcia-Febo, Assistant Co-ordinator, Special Services, Queen’s Library, New York, USA and Barbara J. Ford, Director, Mortenson Center for International Library Programmes

MODERATOR: To be selected from participants on the floor.
RAPPORTEURS:To be selected from participants on the floor.

9:00AM – 10:30AM

Rose Hall Ballroom
Innovation Begins with “I”. Tony Tallent, Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

MODERATOR: Margaret Rouse-Jones
RAPPORTEURS: Joy Ysaguirre (Belize), Abul K. Bashirullah (Venezuela), Lacroix Jefferson de Dieuseul (Haiti)

10:30AM – 12 NOON
Elections to the Executive Council

COFFEE BREAK 10:30AM – 11:00AM

11:00AM – 12:30PM

Rose Hall Ballroom
Libraries: Innovative and Inspiring. Erik Boekesteijn and Jaap van de Geer, Delft Public Library, Netherlands

MODERATOR: Wilfred Jean Bertrand (Haiti)
RAPPORTEUR: Monique Alberts (St. Maarten)

Hanover Room
dLOC Digitization Toolkit – develop your own digital resources. Mark Sullivan, University of Florida, USA

MODERATOR: Luisa Vigo-Cepeda (Puerto Rico)
RAPPORTEUR: Allison Phills (St. Kitts)

Port Antonio Room
E-Challenges and Initiatives: an acquisitions perspective, a case study of the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago Libraries, Arlene Dolabaille and Mariella Pilgrim, UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad

MODERATOR: Valerie G. Francis (Jamaica)
RAPPORTEUR: Prisca Ischemo (Jamaica)

Mount Zion
The Changing Face of Serials Collections: the case of the University of the West Indies Library, Mona, Evadne McLean, Margarette Pearce, Judith Rao, UWI, Mona, Jamaica

MODERATOR: Marva Bradford (Jamaica)
RAPPORTEUR: Meerabai Gosine-Boodoo (Trinidad)

Cornwall Room
Energize your Catalogue: the Aquabrowser Experience of Northern Caribbean University. Grace Carr-Benjamin, Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica and Luis Cabrera, RR Bowker

MODERATOR: Ronny Alders (Aruba)
RAPPORTEUR: Stella Sandy (Trinidad)

Trelawny Room
Exploring Virtual Reference: a new horizon for Caribbean Libraries, Kumaree Ramtahal, UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Devika Ramsingh, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, Trinidad

MODERATOR: David Drysdale (Jamaica)
RAPPORTEUR: Audrey Saddler (Jamaica)

LUNCH BREAK 12:30PM – 2:00PM

2:00PM – 3:00PM

Rose Hall Ballroom
Academic Libraries SIG

A Forum on E-Libraries, E-Learning and E-Environment: an informal discussion on trends and issues in today’s academic libraries. Focuses on e-services such as virtual reference, e-learning such as distance education and e-literacy, web 2.0 and library 2.0.

MODERATOR: Barry Baker (Florida, USA)

Port Antonio
National and Public Libraries SIG

MODERATOR: Annette Smith (Barbados)

Trelawny Room
School Libraries SIG

MODERATOR: To be selected at the Conference

Cornwall Room
Special Libraries SIG:

MODERATOR: Ardis Hanson (Florida, USA)

Hanover Room
Research in the Information Field SIG and Student’s Roundtable

Podcasts of Information Professionals in the Caribbean: Learning , Doing Preserving and Facilitating Access to All. Part III. A seminar-workshop, Graduate students Yumarys Polanco-Almonte, Cindy Jiménez-Vera, Yadira Avendaño-Avendaño, Arelys Fernández-Troche and Luisa Vigo-Cepeda, Coordinator; Team of the ACURIL Caribbeana Project / Graduate School of Information Sciences and Technologies of the University of Puerto Rico.

MODERATOR: Luisa Vigo-Cepeda (Puerto Rico)

Mount Zion Room
Archives and Records Management SIG

MODERATOR: Margot Thomas (St. Lucia)


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Do you remember, Oneida?

On Monday evening, May 2, 2008, at the Grand Ballroom of the Rose Hall Resort, in a most calid ceremony, ACURIL paid homage to Mrs. Oneida Rivera de Ortiz, for her services to the organization from Executive Secretary to Executive Director 1971-2008.

Mrs. Adele Merritt Bernard, ACURIL President, chaired the ceremony. Past Presidents Jean Wilfrid Bertrand (Haiti), Astrid Britten (Aruba), Stephney Ferguson (Jamaica) and Lucero Arboleda de Roa (Dominican Republic), representing the French, Dutch, English and Spanish speaking area members of the organization, commended Mrs. Rivera de Ortiz’s work and expressed their sincere appreciation for her commitment and dedication throughout the years. Best wishes for success and happiness in the future were expressed.

A special presentation entitled Mrs. Oneida Rivera de Ortiz, 1971-2008: Do you remember? was made by ACURIL’s CARIBBEANA Team : Yadira Avendaño-Avendaño, Cindy Jiménez-Vera, Arelys Fernández-Troche and Yumarys Polanco-Almonte, through a podcast and a slideshow.

In a most emotive response, Oneida Ortiz expressed herself as follows:

My dear ACURILEAN friends. All that I can say is Thank you. I express my gratitude to ACURIL for so many good “things” I have received from ACURIL during all these years I have dedicated to this Association. Among those, just to mention some, I had the opportunity to meet and forge friendship with so many colleagues. I can say that I have friends from all the archipelago. I have learned about the profession far beyond if I had taken courses in comparative librarianship, to know about cultures, historiography, and folklore of the Caribbean; and particularly about one of my hobbies, cooking, since I learned about Caribbean cuisine.

I cannot forget that during my days of extreme sorrow, ACURIL and Acurileans helped me emotionally. I am deeply thankful.

My satisfaction and my privilege is to have contributed to the growth and development of our dear ACURIL from newborn in 1969 to its adulthood, to see most of our goals fulfilled. It is to the young generation to keep it growing further, to evaluate and seek new objectives so that ACURIL will always be the Star of the profession in the Caribbean.

May God bless you all and guide our Association to be that Star in this era of challenges to our information profession. ACURIL will always be in my heart and in my memory, and who is ACURIL? You are.

ACURIL, My gratitude again and love to all.

A bouquet of flowers, an album with different expressions of friends and other gifts were given to Oneida by Executive Councilors Carmen Santos-Corrada and Barry Baker. Tokens of appreciation were presented by ACURIL president Merritt Bernard and past president Pedro Padilla-Rosa. A special reception followed where Acurileans expressed their respects.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Oneida R. Ortiz to be honored today at ACURIL XXXVIII JAMAICA

A reception in honor of Mrs. Oneida R. Ortiz, Executive Director of ACURIL, will be held today, Monday, June 2, 2008, at 6:45 p.m., at the Rose Hall Ballroom, Rose Hall Resort and Country Club.

Mrs. Ortiz has been working with ACURIL Headquarters, from Executive Secretary to Executive Director. She retires at ACURIL XXXVIII Jamaica. Join ACURIL XXXVIII Jamaica to celebrate excellence in ACURIL.